Tales From The Red PEN


I have arrived, rumbling, bumbling, and stumbling into a much deserved week long retreat! I now get a chance to catch my breath. Bob Segar once sang about “moving eight miles a minute for months at time,” and he described it right. Labor Day through Thanksgiving break for a teacher is reminiscent of Sherman’s March Read more about SED EGO GRATIAS DEO (YET, I AM THANKFUL)[…]

10 Reasons Why District Professional Development Sucks

Columbus Day has come and gone! Students get the benefit of one less Monday and teachers get District Professional Development. It’s interesting how District PD and the Columbian Exchange are eerily similar. They are both thought to be serendipitous and are responsible for the annihilation of a people and their spirit! No matter how you Read more about 10 Reasons Why District Professional Development Sucks[…]


Its been a crazy start to the school year…new blog pending. ¬†Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I am tied up at the moment. will be posting soon! Sincerely, The Red Pen